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We're here to be a spring of divergent thinking, free-flowing ideas and innovative strategy. We don't subscribe to generic business speak or practice. We serve the dreamer.

Our entrepreneurs are often experiencing burn out or feeling stalled in their path to growth. They've had countless conversations with pitchers of subscriptions, marketing, you name it. They've heard it all.

And we get that. What makes us different, is our subtlety. We aren't just sales people. We are Visionaries who believe deeply in our products. We're acutely aware of the consumer brain/patterns, and we know how to create and position your brand, that will bring the right attention. 

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It started with a VISION. We were founded by Danniele Fernino & Joshua Balis in 2019, but the idea was born years before. What started out as a clever Instagram handle became a full time business for the pair, who have since recruited a well rounded team of powerhouse creatives. No one can do it all (well), so we went searching for the best of the best and put together a team that spans from Nashville, TN through Miami, FL, all the way to Dallas, TX. Our core team consists of highly skilled website coders, digital marketing pros, video and photo content creators, graphic designers and branding experts. Not everyone on our team works on every project but our Founders work directly on all of them and oversee each detail. Together, we have over 80 years of expertise in our respective fields, so you can be sure your Visions are in the right hands. 

But we are experts in our fields

Hey, I'm Danniele

about the founder

A founding member of Visions
From Neptune

i'm obsessed with creating memorable experiences.

For me, the best (and most often overlooked) part of consumerism has always been about creating a magical client experience. Whether I was combing through every detail of my favorite teen-age skincare products or scrutinizing every little thing at my favorite restaurants, the experience (or sometimes lack thereof),  impacted me deeply. I consider it the most important element of any consumer product business. It started at 15, before I even had the language, and all these years later, I'm still obsessing about it. 

I started my career in the luxury fashion industry over ten years ago, working with brands like Forty Five Ten, Celine, LVMH, Goop, and more. I saw so much of the world in those rooms.

I'll never forget it. It made me understand how important every detail is. And with that appreciation of  excellence and experience, I discovered my own Vision, of bringing new life into the world, in the form of imagining the best brands, working with the greatest entrepreneurs, and making the coolest shit. 

So that's what I did— and here we are now.

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