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We are acutely aware of every detail. Being everything for your business is no small thing. That's why we've spent decades obsessing about the little things, so you don't have to. 

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This is a big one for us. Many consulting and branding firms are built on the model of "After Work", which is where your business is elevated but not perfected. This creates a gap in the client need... and consultants who get rehired. We don't vibe with that. Our goal is to leave the entrepreneur with the tools they need to sustain growth and manage success within their team,

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We've spent years perfecting our craft. We help you navigate your business every step of the way, from inception to rebrand. We're here to make your VISIONS real.

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We handle everything your brand needs to launch from scratch or reinvent an existing brand. Each business is so different, so the steps to do so vary, however, whether it's packaging, logos, or the product itself, we do it all! Once your brand is up and running, we set you up with collaborations and social media partnerships to spread the magic. Brand partnerships are just for the love it— we don't charge to group or connect our favorite things!

Rebrand or Inception

Branding + Partnerships

We have dozens of manufacturers that span nearly a dozen product categories, from fashion, wellness, to beauty and more. We specialize in custom formulation, and work with the top chemists & formulators to do it!  We'll even suggest manufacturers and partners in your area, to save on added fees like shipping and fufillment! 

Custom or private label CONSULTING

Product Formulation

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We offer custom websites on a variety of platforms (eCommerce or blog sites such as Shopify or Word Press). We make it incredibly easy to launch and scale your eCommerce brand. For those who already have their dream website, we also offer full scale digital marketing through platforms like Google, Facebook/Instagram, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Website + Marketing

Consulting means so many things! At Visions, we often describe it as a brand coach and helper. We know all the ins-and-outs of the business and we help assess where you are now, versus where you want to be, and ultimately, our job is to bridge that gap. For some entrepreneurs, this is a short term relationship- we come in and lay a foundation of success, and for others, they want us to stick around for the small stuff that happens day-to-day. For our b&m clients, we offer consulting roles that span from staffing, vendor matrix/buying, wholesale management (sales), brand partnership events, and general consulting.

Short Term or Ongoing


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Client Reviews

— ALyssa melody, Founder ROot + Bones

Working with Visions From Neptune, and Danniele was a big elevation for my brand. I reached out to do a rebrand of my overall company, 20 skus and a new custom website. Danniele sourced the packaging, designed the labels, navigated the logistics of everything, and Root + Bones 2.0 was born. Danniele is talented beyond belief in a wide variety of sectors and was able to help me with multiple aspects of the growth. She was vital to my business reaching the next stage of growth, and I couldn't be happier!

"Visions elevated my business in a way I never knew possible"

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We customize packages for each client. No two businesses are the same, and that means no two approaches are. We reject the idea of the copy-and-paste standard common in consulting. There are so many paths to success and thankfully, we've done and seen it all. Our team works with the entrepreneur to understand how scaling works best for you and your team.  

We always start a project with collecting inspiration. We want to know what you love. Many agencies have ready-made business packages where all things from packaging to website copy begin to look and sound alike. We offer so many different services, so depending on what your unique package entails, we start with understanding what your point of voice is. Being on the same page and establishing a clear Vision is the focus.

We get to know our clients well. Our founder meets with every client, and personally crafts a scope of work and project proposal that includes specific goals, benchmarks, and deadlines. 

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